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Now that photographers have captured hundreds of pictures of
the toddlers on their Canada trip, sharp-eyed royal family fans have noticed something interesting:
Charlotte is the spitting image of her great-grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
(The Daily Mail was one of the first to point out this
striking resemblance. with
dressing on the bottom, then add your heavier ingredients,
and finally place the lettuce on top. Salad in a

Follow The Kitchn?s guide
to packing the ingredients so nothing gets soggy.

The royal family is currently touring Canada - and it's the first international
trip for William and Kate's daughter Princess Charlotte, who
just turned 1 in May. (Prince George, 3, already has a tour of Australia and
New Zealand under his little belt.

He had resigned himself to maintaining a dignified silence when a slightly stocky kid with light-brown hair ambled over and said, "Hi. At last, Jesse found his art class, where students were milling about in the final moments before the bell.

Fully submerge the toy into the water and then glue the lid on tightly. Fill the jar with water, add a few drops of glycerin, and then add however much glitter you desire. Snow globe
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) His compliance seemed natural in conservative Temecula, a former tiny ranching town whose population had exploded over the past 20 years as people seeking affordable homes moved inland - many of them military families from Camp Pendleton - and where police maintained an aggressive presence, intent on keeping it an oasis of order. (All TVUSD personnel declined comment, citing litigation. Over the previous two years, it had staged two stings in other school districts, arresting 14 students at Palm Desert High School in 2010, and 24 students from Moreno Valley and Wildomar high schools in 2011; in both cases, undercovers had bought marijuana, Ecstasy and cocaine. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department was becoming expert at this sort of thing. So when in July 2012 the sheriff's department had approached the Temecula Valley Unified School District to report a suspicion of drug sales in two high schools, Superintendent Timothy Ritter had granted permission for Operation Glasshouse.

With Daniel's Billabong T-shirts, camo shorts and Vans, "he looked just
like an average kid," remembers student Jessica Flores, then 17. No one at Chaparral High School knew that transfer student "Daniel
Briggs" was in fact a cop in his mid-twenties; as is typical in such an investigation, only a few top district administrators were aware of the operation.

A (person) tuned out of his internal world will be rudderless; one blind to the world of others will be clueless; those indifferent to the larger systems within which they operate will be blindsided. And outer focus lets us navigate in the larger world. Other focus smooths our connections to the people in our lives. Inner focus attunes us to our intuitions, guiding values, and better decisions.

Jesse squinted and took a long moment to mull over Daniel's words. Meanwhile, Daniel sized up Jesse, taking in his muscular build and clenched jaw that topped off Jesse's skater-tough look: Metal Mulisha T-shirt, calf-length Dickies, buzz-cut hair and a stiff-brimmed baseball hat. A classic suburban thug. Lowering his voice, Daniel asked if Jesse knew where he might be able to get some weed.

" Dan said, then asked if she'd sell him some, which she declined.
"Oh, come on," he'd pester. Handsome and quick to smile, Daniel was meeting new
friends with remarkable ease, though some students remained wary,
due to his habit of interrupting strangers' conversations whenever the subject of
drugs came up - for which he quickly acquired the nickname "Deputy Dan. Nonetheless, the two wound up walking to fourth period together, bonding over their fondness for pot. After that, Madalyn says, Daniel wouldn't stop asking her for drugs. " Madalyn Dunn, then 17,
was startled while she chatted with friends during shop class,
and the new kid leapt right in: "Are you talking about ketamine?

They were ready for his life to get easier and were thrilled with the calming prospect of this new friendship. Though the Snodgrasses also had two younger children at home, Jesse's needs had long made him a focal point. It was only the latest distress in a lifetime of everyday struggles, which Catherine and Doug did their best to help Jesse navigate, fighting the constant battles waged by the parents of children on the autism spectrum: sticking up for him when he was ostracized from playgrounds or asked to leave restaurants as a child; standing up to school districts to secure Jesse equal access to education. And now that Jesse had switched to a new school - a move foisted upon the Snodgrasses when their old house had gone into foreclosure - he had been especially agitated lately.

Girls thought it charming when Daniel said he still traveled to Redlands each weekend to visit his girlfriend - whose favorite activity, incidentally, was getting high together. But although Daniel was in a relationship, that didn't stop him from admiring other girls, like when, during one lunch period with a view into the dance room, Daniel exhorted about a 15-year-old in spandex, "Dang, look at the ass on that one!
"We were like, 'OK, that's romantic, I guess,'"
says Jessica Flores, who sold him a gram or so of
marijuana a half-dozen times.

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