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Über mich very humble and I?m grateful and
gracious but my artist of my life is Beyonce and the Lemonade album was just so monumental - Beyonce, it was so monumental - and so well thought out
and so beautiful and soul-bearing.

The storms produced strong winds and pounded the region with hail.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website )
reports the Atlanta-based airline ordered more than 450 pies for passengers in states including Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida after storms on Wednesday caused flights to be
canceled or delayed.

Rauner last year vetoed a funding plan for the schools in a
dispute with the legislature as he pushes the school district to reform ballooning pension costs and fix what he calls longtime mismanagement.

Faris distinguished his workmanship by his knack for coloring the mannequins' faces to make them seem lifelike, but he will more likely be remembered for making
light mannequins with a mix of linen and gypsum.

He says employees ordered 60 pizzas and 20 trays of chicken biscuits to
feed more than 300 customers in Panama City, Florida.
Delta communications manager Michael Thomas
says stranded passengers at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee received 160 pizzas along
with 60 footlong subs.

Defense attorney Calvin Malone said in his closing that his client's fear warped his judgment, froze his reflexes and led to the mistakes he made in not intervening to stop
the attack or call police afterward.

Gordon subsequently agreed to dismiss his lawsuit against
DreamWorks, which also produced the "Madagascar"
and "How to Train Your Dragon" films. By that time, the company
had spent $3 million defending itself, prosecutors said.

(AP) - A Mexican wolf born this month at a wildlife center in suburban St.

Louis is offering new hope for repopulating the endangered species through artificial insemination using frozen sperm.

(Reporting by Deborah Kyvrikosaios in Greece;
Editing by Cynthia Osterman) The custom is believed to have originated in 1801 when Galaxidi residents defied the Ottoman rulers occupying Greece by
celebrating the forbidden carnival and painting their faces
with ash while dancing through the streets.

In this picture taken Wednesday, Jan. The use of mannequins in Egypt dates back to the early years of
the last century, when Jewish-owned department stores imported them
to display the western attire they sold to expatriates and wealthy Egyptians.
18, 2017, a worker removes dust from mannequins in a shop at Al-Kharqaniyah village, in the Egyptian province of Qalyubia, just outside Cairo, Egypt.

There is an unlikely industry thriving in an unlikely place:
Making mannequins in the village north of Egypt?s capital, Cairo.

It seems Trump is opting for an increasingly risk-averse approach to
the world. military engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq,
and dialing back the threats of abandoning allies.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Despite his promises of a no-holds-barred administration, President Donald Trump
is tiptoeing around U.

The "Coloring Book" rapper, who last month won three Grammys including the prestigious Best New Artist award,
threw a national spotlight on a long-running rift over school funding
in the third most populous US city.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 12 (Reuters) - The Grammy Awards, the biggest
honors in the music industry, take place in Los Angeles on Sunday at a ceremony
hosted by James Corden. Following is a list of nominees
in key categories: ALBUM OF THE YEAR "25" - Adele "Lemonade" - Beyonc? "Purpose" - Justin Bieber "Views" - Drake
"A Sailor's Guide To Earth" - Sturgill Simpson RECORD
OF THE YEAR "Hello" - Adele "Formation" - Beyonc?
"7 Years" - Lukas Graham "Work" - Rihanna Featuring Drake "Stressed Out" - Twenty One Pilots SONG OF THE YEAR (Songwriters award) "Formation" - Khalif Brown, Asheton Hogan, Beyonc? Knowles &
Michael L.

") Schumacher doesn't spare her colleagues, with a cross-section of a faculty member's brain preoccupied by "Colonoscopy Results,
" ''Hole in Favorite Pants" and "Pending Divorce. Its 41 pages of wry jokes ready for coloring include a cross-section of a student's brain ("Weekend Booze Run"
and "YouTube Binge" take up a lot more space than "Assignments. " She also includes a panel showing "the many readers who will enjoy your dissertation" - it's a
field of flowers with a deer, pheasant and mouse.

This undated photo provided by The University of Chicago Press shows the illustrated cover of the satirical
adult coloring book "Doodling for Academics" by author Julie Schumacher, a professor
at the University of Minnesota. " (Lauren Nassef/The University of Chicago Press via AP) Schumacher won the Thurber Prize for American Humor in 2015 for her comic novel, "Dear Committee Members.

" But the overall impression he left was of a new leader still trying to find his footing on some of the most vexing foreign policy and international security conundrums. Trump referenced his reluctance to embroil the United States in another war, insisting "we must learn from the mistakes of the past.

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