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But with digitization like this, you?ll probably always want
to double check before sending it to be engraved anywhere, which isn?t all
too different from the iPhone autocorrect.
And though I have been consciously writing with the intent of making the letters legible, the transcription feature has exceeded
my expectations. People have trouble deciphering my handwriting on birthday cards, but I
noticed only minimal mistakes with the Moleskine

Someone needs to be held accountable. "We're not going to allow the government, be it the small, local government or the big government to step on the people of Flint any longer. "I can speak for every patriot
that's standing here today that we're here in defense and support of this
community to say enough is enough," Matt Krol, an executive officer in the militia group, said, per MLive.

Same-sex couples rushed to San Francisco's City Hall on Saturday to be legally married after the U. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals officially ended California's ban on gay marriage following a landmark ruling at the Supreme Court this week. Ashlee Meyer (L) and partner KY Choi (R) sign their marriage license as they prepare to get married at City Hall in San Francisco, June 29, 2013.

It?s accepted at over 1,000 airports around the world, so you won?t have any issues finding a lounge that accepts your pass. To maximize comfort and budget, I highly recommend Priority Pass
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In the late 2000s, African-American women started a quiet movement on message boards, sparked by their grievances with chemically processed hair. These YouTube beauty gurus are sharing their tips and tricks on transitioning from treated to natural hair and how they style their fabulous locks.

But the Reflex's marquee hardware feature is its "bend sensors," which are mounted behind the display to give off tactile feedback. Roel Vertegaal, one of the directors at Queen's University's School of Computing describes how the feature can be used for reading ebooks or online magazines:

But even though asking someone where they fall on the Kinsey scale is now a common dating website opener, the Kinsey scale is far from an all-inclusive system. As Southern California man Langdon Parks recently realized, the scale fails to address other aspects of human sexuality, such as whether or not we even care about getting laid in the first place.

Available for free, Data Selfie is an open-source Chrome extension that helps you discover how machine learning algorithms track and process your Facebook activity, and gain insights about your personality and habits.

Find the one that says "Video Bitrate," highlight the highest figure available, and click "Override.

One thing to note: There's a reason Netflix downscales resolution for poor internet connections.
First, you need to unlock some hidden menus. If your 'tubes can't handle high-def, expect buffering.
While your movie is playing in a browser, hit Control+Shift+Alt+S (or Control+Shift+Option+S if you're on a Mac).
" Highlighting more than one number (perhaps the top three or four) will allow Netflix to switch between a few selections, giving it some wiggle room while still keeping things from looking like a Cubist painting. This will bring up a menu with a series of columns.

Then you'll want to take advantage of the free Chrome extension NEnhancer
. The tool allows you to see a film's Rotten Tomatoes score as well as its IMDb rating and pop-up trailers. In Netflix's typical layout, you're offered star ratings based on what users with similar tastes to your own thought of a movie or show. But do you demand more, including critics' rankings?

If you've been generous with your Netflix password over the years, there's no telling how many leeches are using your account (and seriously messing with your algorithm). To give them all the boot at once, go to your account page
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" Then change your password while trying to resist cackling maniacally.

The bad news is that the United States has a presidential system (which appears to be more prone to this problem than parliamentary orders) and also one where executive authority has grown steadily over time. The good news is that the United States doesn?t suffer from some of the traits that make democratic breakdowns more likely: It isn?t poor, its political institutions have been around for a long time, and it is not in the middle of a deep economic crisis. And we?ve never had a president remotely like this one. Democracy has broken down in plenty of other countries, and there is no reason to think the United States is completely immune from this danger. For a good rundown of the political science literature on this topic, check out this useful list
by Jeff Colgan of Brown University.

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